About us

Pocket-Up is us, Mathilde and Pauline (here smiling on the picture). We met in Paris where we studied fashion, costume and textile design. We moved to Amsterdam in 2013. Our interest for slow fashion and more ethical solutions in garment grew while working for various costume and fashion companies in The Netherlands.

Concerned about the ecological impact of the current Fashion industry and conscious of the need for a better consumption, we decided to act by creating Pocket-Up.

By our education we are able to overview the process from design to production, which is an asset. We limit the intermediates and therefore are able to propose affordable product with a certified quality.

portrait of Pauline and Mathilde cofounder of Pocket-Up

We are driven by the wish to put our knowledge at the service of a more responsible consumption for all.

Clothing prototypes pocket-up on clothing rack
background round orange

Curious to know how we use our knowledge to bring a simple idea alive, and propose more eco-friendly garments?